Friday, January 23, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WRA January Meeting!

On Monday January 26th WRA (Westfield Residents Association) will be having their quarterly meeting at 7pm at The 3rd Congregational Church at 94 Miner St.
On their agenda will be the Westlake Park Upgrade:

We reported last year about the open space area on Westlake Drive that has fallen into disrepair since the bankruptcy of Westlake Association ( (a condominium-owners group). Residents of Westlake Drive area are now trying to get the City of Middletown involved in upgrading this defunct Westlake Park where the new city bike trail goes around. The tennis, softball and basketball courts are no longer usable for the local citizens. Also all of the picnic areas and the gazebo that used to be on one of the two islands have deteriorated and are unusable.

Many local citizens have donated their time and money to keep a walking trail with bridges that connect the islands and went over the brooks that feed the park and the Mattabesset River. This has always allowed people to walk around the defunct park for exercise, fish, feed the lovely swans, geese and ducks as well take canoes and boats. In January of this year a huge tree fell on one of the bridges and the trail is no longer capable of providing access.

The degradation of this community asset has lowered the property value of surrounding properties and limits recreational activities for the residents who live in the Condominium and Apartment associations near the Westlake area.

About thirteen percent of Middletown's population lives in the Westlake area, and these thousands of Middletown tax payers are concerned. There is a Petition for residents to sign asking the city to upgrade this land into a park. 268 signatures have been dropped off at the city. Many of the associations off of Westlake are now participating in getting their residents to sign this petition.

January's Setback!

The latest Westlake Park event. An end to walking the loop around the defunct park took place in early January. Local Westlake Drive volunteers are being sought to remove the tree and fix the bridge.